Barak Steenlage
Project Director/Co-Owner
While studying engineering at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities, Barak joined his older brother, John, who was working for a custom homebuilder. Barak realized quickly that he had a passion for the building industry and enjoyed the challenges inherent in construction. Together, John and Barak incorporated their enthusiasm and knowledge into a family-owned business. When Anchor Builders was created in 2005, Barak's vision was to create a business model that incorporated the family's core values, hard work, individual responsibility, and personal integrity. The Steenlage family shared these values as they grew up on a working farm in Wisconsin. As Project Director, Barak meets with all new clients and helps them navigate the design and bidding process. He uses his years of on-site experience and project management know-how to educate and inform clients. He works hard to set realistic expectations up front so that no surprises emerge at any point in the project. He is committed to ensuring customers are satisfied from start to finish. When not working, Barak enjoys spending time with his wife, Carrie, attending family get-togethers at his parent's farm in Wisconsin, traveling, reading, and enjoying time outdoors.

Phone: 952-285-9373

Email: Barak@AnchorBuildersMN.com