Kelcey Albers
Project Coordinator and Design Associate
With a logical mind and a creative soul, design has always been a part of Kelcey’s life. She grew up in the small town of Waconia, MN where she participated in 4-H and Show Choir. She was always interested in what was going on behind-the-scenes, planning the youth leadership events in 4-H and acting as the stage manager and lighting director for all the high school productions. As a graduate from the Interior Design Bachelor of Science program at Colorado State University, Kelcey has the artistic passion and technical skill set for a wide range of projects. She also spent 5 months living in Milan, Italy, where she studied international and historical design styles while traveling around Europe. When asked about her personal design philosophy, she believes that the environment around you plays an important part in your creativity, efficiency, and overall happiness. It’s about more than making something pretty –it’s about combining function with aesthetics to create a desired experience. Her experience in residential design includes selecting interior furniture and finishes for Feng Shui clients, and drawing space plan layouts for freelance customers. In her free time, Kelcey enjoys cooking, hiking, and traveling to as many new places as she can.

Phone: 952-285-9373

Email: Kelcey@AnchorBuildersMN.com