5 Ways to Make Your Home More Kid-Friendly (Furniture, Child Safety Locks, and More)

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You love your kids, and you want to ensure that they grow up in an environment that allows them to both explore and thrive, but also be safe.

Luckily for you, there are some very creative minds constantly working for new ways to make homes more kid-friendly. In addition to this, they’ve also done a great job at not compromising the aesthetics of the home to ensure it’s safeness.

Here are five ways to make your home more kid-friendly without giving up the style of your home.

Incorporate Savvy Storage Options

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts about managing a home with kids is trying to figure out where to put all of their belongings.

Toys, clothes, books, video games, sports equipment. You have to find space to store all of that and more!

This means you have to get creative with your storage. Thankfully, there are some great options for homeowners with kids.

Vertical storage is a great solution, especially when it comes to cluttered shoes.

Using thinner storage boxes and placing them under beds is a smart way to hide clothes that are out of season, as well as toys and anything else. This frees up space in closets, as well as keeps toys off the floor (as long as you can convince your kids to pick up after themselves, which is a whole other problem).

If you want to get really creative, you can utilize some ‘hidden storage’ ideas — with plenty of inspiration to be found on Pinterest.

Not only do these hidden storage options allow you to keep your home clutter-free, but we can imagine your kids will love them as well.

Add Additional Space For Your Kids

It is also critical to give your kids a space to play! Play expands your children’s’ minds and imaginations, so get creative about your playrooms.

By providing a dedicated space for your kids, their friends will also enjoy coming over and spending time in your house.

During a remodel is the perfect opportunity to create a sanctuary for your child to grow and enjoy for years to come. By having that extra space for your kids to move about will make those rainy or snowy days inside all the more pleasant.

Consider creating a reading nook with furniture or building it into the design like the photo above. A bench provides a space they can enjoy at any age and adds extra storage for books. Don’t forget about adding a craft space! Use an old coffee table and convert it into a kid’s table for coloring and crafts to ensure they aren’t just watching TV.

Another really cool feature that we are implementing into some homes are these built-in playhouses that can be integrated underneath your stairs. Talk about space efficiency!

Add More Outside Playing Options

Thinking outside the home, having some extra outdoor options is a great way to create a healthy environment for your kids.

Whether it’s a DIY sandbox or a new swing set, investing in some fun outside activities will help keep your kids happy and content with their home.

As Fisher-Price explains in their blog post, “The Benefits of Outdoor Play,” kids who spend time playing outside “…explore their environment, develop muscle strength and coordination, and gain self-confidence.”

In other words, what is on the outside of your house is just as important as what is inside when it comes to being kid-friendly.

Find Kid-Friendly Furniture

You’ve heard of pet-friendly furniture, but did you know that there is also kid-friendly furniture out there as well?

Crate and Barrel has an excellent selection of furniture that is specifically made to handle whatever your kids throw its way.

The furniture is scratch-resistant, breathable, environmentally-friendly, and non-hazardous. Overall, there is a lot of options for kid-friendly furniture that look great, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for durability.

Use Child Safety Locks

Safety first! When it comes to the safety of your kids, child safety locks are one of the easiest, most effective ways to ensure they don’t go anywhere they aren’t supposed to.
You can find a wide range of options for whatever door or drawer that needs to be protected from your curious kids (such as a door leading to the backyard or pool).

Take a look at Home Depot’s selection and you’re sure to find what you need.

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